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Self Tanning Light/Medium - 150ml

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EVY Self Tan Mousse provides a natural-looking sun-kissed glow with the nourishing mousse for fair to dark results, with up to 48-hour moisturisation. The silky, smooth mousse is so intensely moisturising that you don’t need to moisturise before application. The mousse is enriched with antioxidants and caring anti-ageing ingredients that preserve the skin’s elasticity and reduce fine lines. It also protects your skin’s DNA from UV-induced stress and premature ageing. A mix of two tanning sugar molecules, DHA and erythrulose, helps you achieve a natural-looking, long-lasting tan with the first visible results after 2-4 hours and continues to develop for 24 hours. It will subtly tan your skin with every application, helping to achieve a natural-looking colour, day by day - without exposing yourself to harmful UV radiation. The colour can also be enhanced gradually by repeated application. The soft and smudge-free mousse is easy to apply. Free from preservatives and perfume. Allergy tested. Vegan.

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