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Daily Face Cleanser 100ml

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The gentle formula comes in the form of a creamy mousse and is suitable for daily use, mornings and evenings. It effectively clears and removes impurities, sunscreen, oil, make up and bacteria without foaming or drying out your skin. The mousse is both water and oil base, leaves your skin soft and clean without leaving any residue. Due to it is skin friendly pH value of 5, there’s no need to apply a toner after using the cleanser because it has a balance activity with the skins natural pH. Contains an acid cocktail that gently cleanses and removes dead skin cells. Moisturises, nourishes, softens and evens out skin tone. Contains Sebustop which normalises sebum production and acts as a natural astringent to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. The formula also has a soothing effect on the skin.

Free from preservatives, alcohol and perfume
No nanoparticles.


ACIDS cocktail

Lactic acid, Glycolic Acid, Citric acid, Malic Acid, Salicylic Acid

It provides a mild peeling effect followed by moisturization and hydration to help in repairing damaged tissue.
Diminish the thickness of the stratum corneum by reducing corneocyte cohesion
Decrease fine lines and wrinkles
Improve skin elasticity and collagen support structure
Remove dead cells from the upper skin and lessen superficial pigment changes, age and sun spots
Smooth and soften skin
Unclog pores and clear acne
Reduce pore size and normalize oil production
Increase the skin own ability to hold moisture
Promote rapid cellular turnover
Malic acid is derived from unripe fruit and boost also the efficacy of other AHA exfoliants such as glycolic and lactic acids

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